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Equestrian identity

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Client: Party of Two Creating anatomically-correct identities can often prove to be a challenge. This certainly proved to be the case for a new fashion brand called Party of Two who commissioned Origami to create an identity that properly reflects the core essence of this highly technical and impassionate sport. Critical to achieving success was [...]

Serving-up coffee services

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Client: Zeta 3 Origami were commissioned to create an identity for a new coffee company looking to make sense of the vast array of suppliers and services available in the exploding, and often confusing, market of coffee capsules. Origami created an identity that is simple and confident in its look-and-feel whilst also making sure that [...]

Life ben-essere

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Client: Life Ben-essere Origami were recently commissioned to create a new identity for a new wellness service based in Cesena, Italy. The solution created was based on the simple and effective rationale of creating a simple logo as a foundation point and then concentrating on imaginative and sympathetic application.