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Equestrian identity

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Client: Party of Two Creating anatomically-correct identities can often prove to be a challenge. This certainly proved to be the case for a new fashion brand called Party of Two who commissioned Origami to create an identity that properly reflects the core essence of this highly technical and impassionate sport. Critical to achieving success was [...]

Serving-up coffee services

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Client: Zeta 3 Origami were commissioned to create an identity for a new coffee company looking to make sense of the vast array of suppliers and services available in the exploding, and often confusing, market of coffee capsules. Origami created an identity that is simple and confident in its look-and-feel whilst also making sure that [...]

Feet-on-the-ground communications

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What sets Carnevali&Stern services apart form others? Clients go to them based on need not desire – decisions made by their heads not their hearts. Origami developed 360° communication solutions in documentary style that reflected Carnevali&Stern’s expertise, pride and overall high levels of service. This approach was created to avoid any unnecessary over-inflated statements and instead make more [...]

New iPad application

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Client: ShowLook Sin dal lancio dell’ iPad, molte aziende hanno velocemente riconosciuto l’enorme potenzialità di questo dispositivo rivoluzionario. In collaborazione con ShowLook e l’Accenture Innovation Center di Milano, Origami ha sviluppato un’applicazione studiata per il settore della moda. Nello specifico, si è resa la consultazione dello showroom molto intuitiva e coinvolgente, permettendo di visionare e creare i diversi abbinamenti con [...]

Just the ticket?

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Fit for its purpose

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Origami have completed a series of publicity vehicles to push membership subscriptions for Fitness Best Innovations (FBI). With a focus on immediate at-a-glance communication Origami have created for this wellbeing activity a fresh and energetic message that sets it apart from competition by promoting a no-nonsense approach to physical and mental personal improvement.

AM General Contractor

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What makes one engineering brand stand out from another? By communicating their core values and how those values impact feet-on-the-ground solutions for their clients. Origami produced roots-up communication that expressed precisely these values. Website Printed literature Sign systems Advertising Copywriting Photography Che cos’è che rende indistinguibile un marchio di ingegneria da un altro? Origami produce [...]

Decisions of the head

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Origami were commissioned to create a new brand strategy for two newly-combined car repair activities. Origami’s objective was to communicate the increased value generated by the combined services without alienating their existing client base. In the development of our understanding of Carnevali&Stern’s market it became obvious that there was a need for a feet-on-the-ground solution [...]

Mapping Milano Marittima’s success

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A map of the Milano Marittima area has been created by Origami in order to promote their portal website It was conceived as being a classic map format but with a unique twist as it was printed on black paper using just silver and bronze offset inks. The result is, they hope, a map [...]

Elevation to new heights

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This is a panel that is positioned behind a glass elevator extending for the whole of the hotels’ five floors (18 metres). The brief was very simple: to create maximum visual drama that never tires no matter how times you go up and down! Origami created the imagery based around a celebration of human achievement [...]