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Feet-on-the-ground communications

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What sets Carnevali&Stern services apart form others? Clients go to them based on need not desire – decisions made by their heads not their hearts. Origami developed 360° communication solutions in documentary style that reflected Carnevali&Stern’s expertise, pride and overall high levels of service. This approach was created to avoid any unnecessary over-inflated statements and instead make more [...]

Decisions of the head

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Origami were commissioned to create a new brand strategy for two newly-combined car repair activities. Origami’s objective was to communicate the increased value generated by the combined services without alienating their existing client base. In the development of our understanding of Carnevali&Stern’s market it became obvious that there was a need for a feet-on-the-ground solution [...]

Brands need to entertain like never before

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Even the once considered stuffy area of B2B communication now has many players who fully embrace entertainment as a valuable brand asset. Mirabilandia, one of the largest theme park in Europe, know better than anyone that if they’re not continually 100% in tune with their customers’ concept of entertainment they’ll lose their long established reputation [...]