Feet-on-the-ground communications

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What sets Carnevali&Stern services apart form others? Clients go to them based on need not desire – decisions made by their heads not their hearts.

Origami developed 360° communication solutions in documentary style that reflected Carnevali&Stern’s expertise, pride and overall high levels of service. This approach was created to avoid any unnecessary over-inflated statements and instead make more evident what they already have – efficient, reliable and hassle-free services.

A major part of Origami’s review of Carnevali&Stern’s communications was how they distinqished between B2C and B2B audiences. Simple and economical brochures were created that serve as powerful tools for commercial development.

> Identity
> Brochures (B2B/B2C)
> Direct marketing
> Web communication (B2B/B2C)
> Advertising

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