In pursuit of anti-process In pursuit of the irregular.

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Origami were approached by a restauranteur in Salò (on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy) with a somewhat irregular brief. They told us that local gossip had spread that the ownership of their restaurant was changing hands and that they would like us to combat this rumour whilst at the same time increasing business. Origami’s response was a targeted mailer profiting from the restaurants’ database of 2,000+ local clients. But in the spirit of Origami-thinking (of anti-process) we conceived a three-dimension mailer in the form of a rigid triangular-shaped bag that invited locals to return the bag in exchange for a discount. At the same time though we also enforced the historical and present management message with a simple and classic device – the owners’ signatures on the front to elegantly reaffirm the restaurants’ quality and heritage.

The result was impressive with over 100 people returning the mailer representing a 7% response rate – a rate much higher than normal expectations for this genre of marketing and a rate that the client were very happy with as it more than exceeded their expectations in terms of return on investment and ‘local buzz’.

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